Original Paintings
The price for an Original Painting is provided upon request. However, they range from 400 to 800. Irene will be only too happy to answer any queries you may have.

Limited edition Giclee prints
Limited edition Giclee prints are extremely high quality, archival grade prints. All limited edition prints will be signed in pencil underneath the picture and will be numbered. The handwritten number is vital as it guarantees not only the issue number of the limited number available but also the authenticity of the edition. A certificate of authenticity will be supplied with each print.

Rectangle image
A3 - 28 x 36cms - 60
A1 - 40 x 60cms - 90

Square image
A3 - 28 x 28 cms - 60
A1 - 40 x 40 cms - 90

Open ended prints
Open ended prints are high quality archival grade prints, but unlike Limited edition prints they are not signed or limited in the number of prints produced Open ended prints are a good affordable introduction into buying art.
Large A3 - 30
Small A4 - 20

Digital Art
Digital Art prints are high quality archival grade prints designed on location with my Ipad. Technology has made some advancements throughout my lifetime and I'm really fascinated by beautiful work that an Ipad allows me to create. They are stunning simple and once again very affordable introduction to buying art.
Large A3 - 30
Small A4 - 20

Postage and packing - 8.00

Sizes are approximate